OYDA (Russian)

Girls - bright green skirt, flowered apron, short scarlet bodice, full white sleeves, white cap.

Boys - full trousers tucked into high boots, bright blue coat.

MUSIC - is composed of one part of sixteen measures.

COUNT - one, and, two, and to a measure.

FORMATION - double circle, facing counterclockwise. The girl is slightly ahead of the boy, and is on his right side. He holds her L hand in his L, her R hand in his R. Arms are raised at shoulder level. The R elbow of the girl and the L elbow of the boy are bent, the R arm of the boy and the L arm of the girl are straight. The R hand of the boy is at the back of the girl. This is known as the Varsovienne position.

* Any number of couples may take part in this dance.


(a) Hop on L foot and place the R heel diagonally forward (ct. 1, and) hop on L again and touch the R toe in front of the L foot (cts. 2, and) ... 1 M

(b) Hop polka, starting the hop with the L foot. The girl remains in place, the boy moves to the right of the girl (cts. 1, and, 2, and) ... 1 M

(c) Repeat (a) and (b), hoping on the R foot, and boy moving to the left of the girl in (b) ... 2 M

(d) Repeat (a-c) ... 2 M

(e) Take seven hop polka steps forward, starting the hop with the L foot ... 7 M

(f) Three stamps in place (L,R,L) (cts. 1, and 2), pause (ct. and) ... 1 M

Note: the dance may be repeated as many times as desired.